“As soon go kindle a fire with snow, as seek to quench the fire of love with words.”

William Shakespeare


Rivontolsoon Book Cover


In a land marked by the rhythm of migrating reindeer and the rituals of an ancient religion, a way of life is drawing to a close. War is coming to the Finnmark, and brings with it unsuspected inhumanity. Revontuli tells the coming of age of a Sami girl during World War II, a time of trial that leaves Marit and the village of Karasjok forever changed. Already torn between the heritage of her Norwegian father and her mother’s indigenous Sami culture, Marit discovers a bigger world through Hans, the German officer billeted in their home. Their forbidden love will challenge Marit’s beliefs and allegiances. Set in the forests above the Arctic Circle, where Norway meets Finland, Revontuli is inspired by true stories.

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Millers Curse Book Cover

The Miller’s Curse

Balthazar Castor was an earnest man with a simple life, operating the water mill in the little town of Simiane in Provence in 1880. His days were marked by the rising of the sun, the passing of the villagers and the shepherds in the nearby fields, and the rushing of the water that ran through his little mill. The calm and placid rhythm of village life is upset by the arrival of the beautiful but mysterious Juliette, ultimately bringing Castor’s downfall, and the ruin of the mill. Over a hundred years later, Diarmid MacPherson invests himself heart and soul in the mill’s restoration, and his wife Bev wonders if he is not losing his mind. Haunted by visions of long ago, Diarmid stumbles on the real story behind the mill, a tale of love, betrayal and violence. With every stone put back in place, Diarmid becomes more and more of what Balthazar Castor once was. Can he complete the renovation without falling prey to the miller’s curse and bringing about his own ruin?

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